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A Feast for Crows” is the fourth book of the most popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. It was first published in 2005 and immediately become the best book of the year. George RR Martin opens up the mind of characters and explores them in that books. The main plot of the story is more psychological here than thrilling events.

This kinda issue made the book a bit slow and boring for some readers but to me, it’s the best book in the whole Song of Ice and Fire series. You may hear a completely different thing from others. They will say it’s the slowest and boring book ever written Martin. But if you look deep into the book and read between the line then it will open your mind not your eyes.

Here, we made a review of A Feast for Crow to talk about the book plot, summary, overview and a few other things.

So, let’s start.

Plot Summary of A Feast for Crow:

The story of A Feast for Crow started at the time when the war of five kings are slowly coming to an end. Kings Landing is in a very weak position and politically less powerful than ever. After the death of the most vicious, greedy, bloodthirsty Lannister, Tywin everything kinda falls apart for Cersei. Plus, the death of his elder son Joffrey Baratheon really breaks her down.

At that time, Cersei’s last son Tommen Baratheon took the charge of Kings Landing who is only seven or eight years old. Cersei put his son on the throne as a puppet and controls everything behind Tommen’s back. Tommen then build up a relationship with the Dorne family. The Dorne family began to use Tommen which wasn’t taken well by Cersei.

At the same time, the books show how religion can affect the whole political situation of a country. It has the power to bring down the king from his throne and place the royal in person in the street. And then judge them by the name of God.

In the book, Martin showed how the politics of religion work and how they control people in the name of God. This was a very brilliant thing to do for Martin. Cause whenever a country passing its crisis situation, that time always some kinda believer folks pops up. And started to provide some freaky solutions.

When Martin finished writing “A Feast of Crow” the book became very large. It has all the story of South and North. Then, Martin decided to divide the book, and in that book, he just talks about the politics and events of Southern Westeros. And in the next part, Martin reveals the story of North Wall and the plotline of John Snow

A Feast For Crows PDF


Characters of “A Feast for Crows”:

Developing character for the upcoming event is one of the most important things and Martin pools this off very wisely. Plus, in this book, some important event takes place that affects the whole story a lot.

A Feast for Crow is kinda a whole new storyline for everyone. Cause in the last book Martin kills off so many main characters that can rule the kingdom. So, after this huge shock, everything was kinda in an imbalanced situation. All the readers wanted a see and wanted to know what’s is going to happen.

So, the author kinda started to tell a new story from here. That’s why this book may seem a bit slower than previous books. But when you look with an open mind, it’s probably the best book of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In the book, Martin opens the real vengeful version of Cersei. And shows us how cruel and revenge pretended person she could be. Cersei’s this new version was very important for the upcoming events. Plus, the book shows the full face of Arya Stark which was one of the most important parts of the whole series. In this book, Martin also introduced us to a new character Brienne of Tarth who played a very important role later in the books.

Comparing “A Feast for Crows” with Game of Thrones:

We all know that Game of Thrones is the series version of A Song of Ice and Fire. The series is probably more popular than the original book. All the people who are slightly involved with movies and series, know the phrase- “Winter is Coming”. The GOT series is the best fantasy TV program ever made till now. It broke the legacy of the Lord of Rings.

Now, if we compare the “A Feast for Crows” book with the series edition then what we will see? At first, let’s not call it “compare” cause no movie or series can compare a book. The thing is, how better a tv version adopts the book. Well, GOT shows almost all the elements that were mentioned in book. And they did it perfectly. One thing is watching the story of “A Feast for Crows” on-screen might seem slower than reading it on the book.

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