31 Prayers for My Future Wife by by Aaron Smith And Jennifer Smith

As a single man, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about my own needs and desires. But as I look ahead to marriage and family, my thoughts turn more and more to the woman I will one day marry. I pray that God would give me a wife who is first and foremost a woman of God.

A woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength. A woman who is committed to living out her faith every day, in good times and bad.

As a single man, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about all of the things I want in a future wife. But at the end of the day, what really matters is that she loves Jesus with her whole heart. So while I wait for her, I’ll be praying for these 31 things…

1. That she would love Jesus more than anything else in this world. 2. That she would have a heart for service and always put others first. 3. That she would be quick to forgive and never hold a grudge against anyone.

4. That her faith would remain strong even when life gets tough and trials come her way. 5. For wisdom – that she would know how to handle every situation life throws her way with grace and poise . 6 .

That people would be drawn to her because of the joy that radiates from her soul . 7 .That she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it comes to following God’s call on her life .

8 .That God would give her dreams and desires that align with His perfect will for her life . 9 .

For courage – that she wouldn’t be afraid to step out of her comfort zone or take risks , because she knows that God is always with her . 10.

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When it comes to finding a wife, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. You not only have to find someone who you’re compatible with and can see yourself spending the rest of your life with, but you also have to make sure that she shares your values and is someone you can trust. One way to help ensure that you find the right woman for you is by praying for her.

Asking God to guide you in your search for a wife and lead you to the woman He has created specifically for you is a powerful way to help narrow down your choices and ultimately find the one He has planned for you. To help get started, here are 31 prayers for my future wife: 1) Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of marriage.

I know that it is Your will for me to be married and I am eagerly waiting for the day when I will meet my future wife. Please give me wisdom as I search for her and help me to recognize her when she comes into my life. Amen.

2) Lord, I pray that You would bless me with a godly wife who loves You above all else and who is committed to following Your Word in every area of her life. Help us both to grow closer to You each day as we serve You together in our marriage. Amen.

3)Father, please give me patience as I wait for my future wife and help me not settle for anything less than what You have planned for me. I want our marriage relationship to reflect Your glory and honor so much that everyone we come in contact with knows that it is because of Jesus living in us individually and collectively as husband and wife . Amen..

4) Search my heart Lord ,and show any areas where i need change or growth .

31 Prayers for My Future Wife  by by Aaron Smith And Jennifer Smith

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What is the Purpose of 31 Prayers for My Future Wife

31 Prayers for My Future Wife is a book that contains 31 prayers that are specifically geared towards helping a man to pray for his future wife. The author, Michael Todd, believes that prayer is one of the most powerful things a man can do for his future wife, and he has written these prayers with that belief in mind. The prayers cover a wide variety of topics, including her spiritual life, her relationship with God, her emotional well-being, her physical health, and more.

Todd says that he wrote these prayers because he knows how important it is for a husband to be praying for his wife on a regular basis, and he wants to make it as easy as possible for husbands to do so. In addition to the 31 specific prayers, the book also includes guidance on how to pray effectively for your future wife, how to ask God for wisdom in choosing her, and how to trust God’s plan for your marriage. This book is an excellent resource for any man who is serious about praying for his future wife and wanting to do everything he can to help set her up for success in life.

Who Wrote 31 Prayers for My Future Wife

In 2003, Aaron Smith wrote 31 Prayers for My Future Wife: Preparing My Heart for a Lifetime of Love. In this book, Smith offers readers 31 prayers and accompanying devotionals meant to help prepare one’s heart for a lifetime of love with a future wife. These prayers and devotions touch on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and sexual intimacy.

When was 31 Prayers for My Future Wife Published

The book, 31 Prayers for My Future Wife, was published on October 1, 2013. It is a devotional book written by Aaron Smith and includes 31 prayers for the reader to use while praying for their future wife. The topics of the prayers include purity, wisdom, godliness, faithfulness, and more.

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We often pray for the things we want in life, but how often do we take the time to pray for the people who will play a major role in our lives? This blog post is a collection of 31 prayers that Aaron and Jennifer Smith pray for their future wives. These prayers range from prayers for physical beauty and health to prayers for spiritual guidance and strength.

No matter what your relationship status is, these prayer points are sure to give you something to think about and perhaps even help you grow closer to God.

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