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Queen Afua is a powerful healer, teacher, and guide who helps women reconnect with their African roots and heal themselves both physically and spiritually. In her book Sacred Woman, Queen Afua shares her own journey of healing and provides practical advice for women who want to reclaim their health and power. Her message is simple but profound: we are all sacred women, capable of greatness.

By remembering our connection to the earth and to our ancestors, we can heal ourselves and create a better world for future generations.

We are all sacred women. We are born from the womb of a woman, we grow and blossom under the care of a woman, and we become women ourselves. But there is something special about certain women who embody the epitome of feminine power, grace, and wisdom.

These are the Sacred Women. One such Sacred Woman is Queen Afua. Queen Afua is an African queen, spiritual leader, teacher, and healer.

She is known for her work in natural health and healing, particularly within the African-American community. Queen Afua has dedicated her life to helping others heal themselves – body, mind, and spirit. Queen Afua teaches that every woman has within her the ability to heal herself and others.

We are all connected, she says, and when one woman heals herself, she helps to heal the world around her. Her message is simple but profound: love yourself, respect yourself, take care of yourself – body, mind, and spirit – and you will be able to do the same for those around you. Queen Afua’s work is important not only because it helps us to understand our own power as women but also because it reminds us of our interconnectedness with all beings on this earth.

When we take care of ourselves , we take care of each other . And when we heal ourselves , we help heal the world .

Sacred Woman Queen Afua Audio

In this audio, Sacred Woman Queen Afua provides detailed information about how to heal oneself holistically. She begins by talking about the four main aspects of holistic health: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She then goes on to discuss each of these in detail, providing practical tips for how to improve one’s health in each area.

For example, she talks about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for physical health, of positive thinking and self-love for mental health, of releasing emotions like anger and fear for emotional health, and of connecting with one’s Higher Self or God for spiritual health. Queen Afua also stresses the importance of balance among all four areas of holistic health; an imbalance in any one area can lead to problems in other areas as well. By taking care of oneself holistically, one can achieve true wellness and peace.


What Does Queen Afua Teach?

Queen Afua is a world-renowned holistic health practitioner, teacher, and author. She is the founder of the Sacred woman Center for Healing and Wellness, which is dedicated to providing holistic health care services to women of color. Queen Afua’s teachings are based on the principle that all humans are connected to the earth and to each other, and that we all have the power to heal ourselves and our communities.

Her work focuses on helping people remember their connection to the earth and their own innate wisdom, so that they can heal themselves and create healthy, thriving communities.

How Do I Contact Queen Afua?

If you’re looking to get in touch with world-renowned holistic health expert Queen Afua, there are a few different ways you can do so. The best way to reach her is through her website, which has a contact form that you can fill out. You can also find her on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, if you’re hoping to connect with Queen Afua in person, she does offer occasional workshops and retreats that you can attend.

Sacred Woman Gateways Explained With Queen Afua


In her blog post, “Sacred Woman Queen Afua,” Dr. Linda Thompson explores the life and work of Queen Afua, a holistic health practitioner, author, and priestess in the Yoruba tradition. Queen Afua is best known for her book, Sacred woman: A guide to healing the feminine body, mind, and spirit, which offers a comprehensive approach to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for women of color. Drawing on her own experience as a Black woman who has healed from serious illness using natural methods, Queen Afua provides guidance on how to cleanse and detoxify the body; how to eat for optimum health; how to reduce stress; how to heal emotional wounds; and how to connect with one’s spirituality.

She also addresses the unique challenges that Black women face in a society that is often hostile to their very existence. In addition to her work as an author and healer, Queen Afua is also the founder of the Sacred Healing Temple in Brooklyn, New York, where she offers workshops and retreats on holistic health and wellbeing.

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