BPSC Non Cadre Job Circular

Noncadre job gives a great opportunity for the unemployment educative public in Bangladesh. If you’re staying home, doing nothing but depressing about life and occupation, this article is for you. Maybe after reading this, you will get to have a suitable job for you and no more hiding your face from the sophisticated society in fear of unemployment.


Teaching is one of the best profession since you get a chance to serve directly the general public, get to understand their mentality and make a nation by showing the path of light. In Bangladesh, there are many teacher professions. Such as you can apply for a primary teacher job, secondary school teacher job, higher secondary school job, etc. Also, different governmental and nongovernmental schools are looking for jobs in a particular subject like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, Bangla, English, athletic, finance, banking, and so many others. You just have to apply in what subject you are good at in a particular way with some restriction.

Assistant programmer:

Nowadays the sector ICT has grown so fast that almost in every other sector the use of ICT is noteworthy. That’s why programming jobs are indeed available like a programmer, assistant programmer, etc.

Agriculture officers:

Agriculture is one of the most important fields in the economy. So that sector needs skilled people to be maintained. Different kinds of agriculture officers and sub agricultural officers are needed. You can give it a try.


Jobs like an engineer, sub assistant engineer(electrical), sub assistant engineer(electricity) are mostly available. You can apply for those posts if you are an eligible candidate.


Out there so so many various kinds of jobs are looking for you. Like draftsman, estimator, workshop superintendent, craft instructor, stuff trainer (technical engineering sector), senior mud engineer, etc. Every year all organization needs skilled and industrious people in work.

Process of application:

Well, the various job has a various process to select their candidate but here I will talk about the basic system.

You can apply at a certain time and you have to pay some money to apply. then what comes next is your examination will be held on a scheduled day. Oh, another noteworthy topic is only mentioned aged people are eligible for jobs. you can also apply online before the deadline periods.


Above I have talked about the various field of jobs and its pdf file is adjoined so you can easily know about the details. These mentioned noncadre jobs have been published in the Bangladesh public service office commission. After completing their education many of the young people are sitting in their home being ashamed of themselves. It’s true today’s time it’s quite hard to get a perfect job for oneself with a good amount of money because of so competition. But if you think you are worthy and skilled, then just give it a try. Apply for those jobs in a rightful process. This was all about the BPSC non-cadre job in 2020. Hope with the pdf this article was helpful.

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