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Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination in Bangladesh is an important examination for class 11-12 students. The HSC routine 2020 has been published on 28 August. You can download the official routine from this website right now from the below.

We see in the routine, the time between each exam has been reduced. Because the education authority previously told that next to all public exam time would be reduced.

According to the routine, HSC exam 2020 starts on 1 April and end on 4 May without count practical exam. The first exam is Bangla and it starts on 10:00 AM.

PDF File of HSC Routine 2020

hsc routine 2020

Why the HSC Exam Is So Important?

HSC is the last public exam and it is so much important because its result will help you with the admission of the public university.

Most of the university allocations a handsome amount of mark basis of HSC and SSC exam result. So, admin in Bangladesh’s top university your result will be a bigger fact.

Admission Mark Distribution Process

Dhaka University who is most of the Bangladeshi’s dreamiest university has allocated 80 marks based on HSC and SSC result out of 200.

Here 50 marks allocation based on HSC result and 30 marks allocated for SSC result.

Do you know the mark distribution process of du admission test?

Admission mark is divided into two sectors. One is the result and another is the admission exam.

First of all, I discuss how they determine the mark from SSC and HSC exam result.

The way is simple.

Multiplication 6 times from your SSC exam result and multiplication 10 times from your HSC exam result.

example – if you got 4 in SSC exam then you need multiplication 6 times in your result like 4 × 6 = 24

The other 120 marks allocated for the admission test. Till 2018-19 there were 100 multiple questions except ka unit where 1.20 mark for each correct question and .30 mark would minus whenever you chose the wrong option.

However, Du introduced written exam from 2019-20 admission season.

Now, 60 MCQ comes and each 1.25 mark for each right answer. On the contrary, 45 marks allocations for the written exam.

In the MCQ section, you will get 50 minutes, one the other hand, you will get 40 minutes for the written test. So, as a total of 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) given you to solve the question paper.

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