Science Fiction

A Court Of Wings And Ruin is a good piece of art. You must have a look at its epub version for free. It’s a kind a different story you will come to know about. It would help if you didn’t miss it anyway. Let me tell you about A Court Of Wings And Ruin […]

Persepolis Rising is a captivating novel based on the cyberpunk class of science fiction written by an illustrious interesting, Hard Science Fiction Writer. The story is made up of two propagandists and two interlining story loops. The information is readable due to the irregular style used by the writer. The writer’s style was a success

Summary Title: Cyberpunk 2020 Author: Mike Pondsmith Published by: R. Talsorian Games Game System: Interlock (2e) Primary Setting: Cyberpunk / Main Timeline Category: Role Player Game Pages: 254 Year Published: 1990 Table Top vs. Video Games Some people still wonder whether video games are an art form or not. However, for those directly concerned and

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