“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

The proverb is absolutely right to lead an ideal life. But now we are live in the digital world hence the importance of books not reduce. Moderns age invent modern things. Now we are familiar with ebook and pdf book.

You needn’t buy tons of books which are physical. The digital world gives you an opportunity to read any of your favorite books online with the portable document format.

We are one of the largest PDF books publisher where you find tons of book absolutely free.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian PDF

The Absolute True Diary… which is a semi-autobiographical book that follows the current adolescence of one Native American child as he strives to break free from the life he was destined to live, with expressive drawings by Ellen Forney that represent the character’s art. Sherman did a splendid job with this beautifully written novel, portraying …

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Tome of Beasts PDF

In the gaming world, character design is of vital importance. Its purpose is to make encounters more familiar and to help you relate to what’s being presented to you, resulting in emotions and absorption. The philosophy behind the narrative is also expressed through the characters. In a fantasy RPG, players will search for twists and …

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Behold a Pale Horse PDF

The book ‘Behold a pale horse’ is widely known for its phenomenal conspiracy theories against the US government. Many conspiracy theorists of this generation and also of the former think that some shady figures like – aliens, secret cults, etc. control our government and its people. Cooper was one of them, considered the best conspiracy …

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Freakonomics PDF

The idea of incentives is the fundamental concept of the book. Everything in the world is run by incentives. From decision-making to parenting, every outcome is defined by the number of incentives you put against them. How does your decision affect the life of your surroundings is also stated vividly in this book by using …

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Lamb to the Slaughter PDF

Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to The Slaughter” was first published in Harper’s Magazine in 1953 after being rejected by The New Yorker. It depicts the story of a woman who conducts cold-blooded murder and then gets away with it by erasing the evidence in ingenious ways. The story portrays Roald Dahl’s love for horror …

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The Kite Runner PDF

The Kite Runner is a strange, compelling, and wonderfully crafted novel that has become a treasured, one-of-a-kind classic. It is a sweeping story of family, love, and friendship set against the sad backdrop of Afghanistan’s history during the last thirty years. Hosseini, in this novel, has beautifully portrayed the search for redemption, the intersection between …

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Young Goodman Brown PDF

Society has thrived to please a greater force since man first roamed the planet. People have tried to appease the unknown through rituals, responsibilities, and worship, whether they were polytheists or monotheists, Catholics or Lutherans. Following that, agnosticism and atheism emerged, and these movements grew in popularity as people began to challenge religions and their …

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And There Were None PDF

Throughout centuries humankind sought the meaning of true justice but failed most often. Nothing seemed to satisfy the human urge to seek the true meaning of justice. Over the centuries, many sapient individuals expressed their portion of philosophy about justice. Some agreed on the dogma “an eye for an eye” and some believed, “An eye …

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