Salary Scale of Primary School Teacher In Bangladesh

The Government has decided to increase primary school teacher pay scale. the new proposal is primary headteacher will going under 10th grade and assistant teacher pay scale will be 12th grade According to the primary and mass education ministry.

So far the primary school headteacher is second class Government service holder. But they have been paid by govt 11th grade pay scale where other govt serviceholder paid by 10th grade pay scale. 

primary school teacher pay scale

The assistant teacher also wanted 12th grade pay scale. 

So, the headteacher and assistant teacher was going a movement from long time.

However, the government now agree to their demand and changing the salary scale for both.

As changing the primary teache salary scale therefore government also need to corecting upazila primary education officers and Assistant Upazila Primary Education Officer salary grade.

To prodect administrative settelement and decipiline this decision has taken by the authority. Primay and mass education ministry additional secretary Giasuddin Ahmed secured the above info.

The proposal is upazila primary education officers pay scale upgrade to 7th and Assistant Upazila Primary Education Officer pay scale will 9th grade. This recruitment approve by the president on 3rd February 2019. 

To modified the rules there has been a proposal to make 65 thousand new position for primary assistant headteacher. 

The primary assistant headteacher job circular will announce soon after publish the gadget.

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