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Kids are magical; they have their very own universe and way of looking into it. And exploring their mindset brings unforgettable memories for us.

The stellar book Out of Mind from award-winning Sharon M. Draper takes us to that creative and different world of kids. The book revolves around Melody Brooks, who neither can write nor speak. Yet she has a heart of gold and ocean-deep inspiration to surpass every odd. As you read Out of my Mind PDF, you will explore and live with Melody.

We bring you the most jaw-dropping and impressive description of the book.


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Book Details

Book Name Out of My Mind
Author Sharon M. Draper
Published Date 9 March 2010
Publisher Atheneum, and Simon & Schuster
Genre Realistic Fiction
Language English
Format PDF
Page 295
Size 788 KB

An Overview of Out of my Mind

The 295 pages book from Draper introduces readers to Melody Brooks, a ten years girl fighting hard to live in the world. She has cerebral palsy and cannot speak. Despite her parents’ hard and soul effort, she fails to return to a healthy life. On the contrary, her lack of communication with others only makes her life worse.

But Melody is a brave little girl, and her parents too are fantastic. Doctors suggested Melody’s parents admit her to a nursing home. However, Melody’s mom ignores them and even admits her to an elementary school.

There she was taught alphabets and other things. However, it was frustrating for Melody because she had superior knowledge than that. With such a story, we could expect an evil neighbor, right?

And here comes the twist of the plot. The story showcases another excellent neighbor Mrs. V. She is a tough woman and helps Melody to become self-reliant. She tries her best so that the unfortunate girl can live even without the help of others.

As Melody grew older, her mother got pregnant. This was a real tough time for the family and Melody also. Her parents were fearful if the 2nd baby suffers like Melody too. And this cripples Melody feel ashamed for the very first time.

Luckily, the frustration soon turns into pleasure, as Melody’s mother gives birth to Penny in healthy and heaty conditions. Melody loves her little sister, and from there on, the story takes a huge turn.

In grade Fifth, Melody gets a communication device, and she is finally able to communicate with others as she wants. Her school, at the same time, starts a particular class for disabled children. After much testing, Melody is promoted to that class.

The Win

Since the moment Melody is promoted to the class, teachers are surprised to see her intelligence and response in the class. She cuts the highest score in the trivia test and passes with flying colors.

And lastly, Melody, with the help of her friend Catherine, helps her team win the qualifying round. Consequently, the team was awarded a trip to Washington, DC. Sadly, on the day, the group leaves without Melody.

However, the next day school authority awards her a trophy for the compensation. But will it make Melody happy? Will Melody and Catherine be able to complete her autobiography?

To know the answer to these questions, you need to read Out of my Mind.

Melody Brook faces a considerable challenge to grow and show her intelligence. Despite the initial confrontation from her classmates, she showcases her brilliance. And then, Catherine comes to aid her, and they together highlight the story of winning every challenge.

Once you read the story, you will know how to nourish special kids and help them overcome the challenge and grow their confidence. The book was a best-seller and opened up a new horizon to look at the world of these special kids.

So, start the journey.

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