Oryx And Crake PDF

The Oryx and Crake is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, published in May of 2003.

She has, however, stated that the novel, according to her, is more speculative fiction and maybe even adventure romance, rather than the typical or actual pure science fiction genre book.

Oryx And Crake PDF

Oryx And Crake By Margaret Atwood

The Outline

The book is actually draft and set in a dystopian future after a global catastrophic event. It starts with a man named Snowman who actually wakes up in a tree. It seems this guy is the sole survivor of the said event even though they don’t yet talk about what exactly happened. All we see is this Snowman and a group of childlike people that he calls the “Children of Crake,” These people walk around completely naked and have some sort of unique genetic composition.

The Oryx and Crake pdf story jumps from the present (post-apocalyptic word) and the past (Pre-apocalyptic), but the time frame is seen through the eyes and memories of the Snowman who was known as Jimmy before the event.

The Protagonist

In the present, Snowman, who actually feels responsible for the Children of Crake or other times called Crakers, has chosen to watch over them.  It is in his watchful duties that he tells them stories of Oryx and Crake. The children see them as Gods, with Crake watching and taking care of the children and Oryx watching over the plant and animals.

As the story continues, the Crakers seem to have adapted to the new desolate world, but Snowman cannot, and he has problems with acquiring food and water. So he decided to find better supplies in a place called the Paradice facility in the RejoovenEsense Compound. This is a place where he and Crake work before the event.

This place is far away, and it is a dangerous journey; moreover, he had never left the children alone for more than a day, and clearly, this was going to take longer than that, so he was very apprehensive.

One of the things he encounters on his journey is a group of genetically engineered Pigoons. These are cunning creatures that put him to the test.

He manages to escape and reach Paradice even though he suffers from an infected foot wound that slows him down. Ever so slowly, he gathers the much-needed supplies and heads back home.

The Plot

The Majority of the book lives in Jimmy’s memories and his history before the apocalyptic event. For example, the story begins with Jimmy’s childhood. His parents worked at a company called Organic farms, where their research was primarily on ways of growing human organs cheaply and economically.

His mother became increasingly disillusioned with the job, which caused friction in the family with her husband. This also led to her depression and eventual runaway after her husband got a higher paying job.

Jimmy suffers intently with his mother’s disappearance, but he manages to get over it with a new friend from the HelthWyzer High school whose name is Crake.  They spent a lot of time on the internet watching graphic videos of violence and sex.

The two lost touch after high school, however, only to meet up years later. Jimmy’s mom’s execution by CorpseCorps, leads to his depression. Crake helped him get a job at the company where he worked called RejoovenEsense. It was at this company where Crake was working on genetically engineered humans called the Crakers at a special lab called Paradice. He was also working on a pill the helped men with their libido, which secretly made them sterile called the BlyssPluss pill.

It was at Paradice that he meets Oryx, a woman that Crake has hired to help with the Crakers. Crake had a sexual history with Oryx, but she seduced Jimmy.

A while later, she calls Jimmy to let him know that she has unwittingly helped Crake deliver the BlyssPluss pill, which has a time-release contagion that is now decimating the planet. As the event quickly spreads, Crake kills Oryx in front of Jimmy in a jealous rage. Jimmy, in turn, shoots and kills Crake and spends the pandemic locked up at Paradice for a few weeks trying to figure out why Crake killed Oryx. He eventually introduces himself to the Children of Crake as Snowman and leads them to their present-day home near the ocean.

This book is an excellent read with the following ratings from around the web. 4/5 on Goodreads, 4/5 on Book Depository, 4/5 on AbeBooks, and rated 82% like by Google users who have read the book.


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