How To Get Bangladesh National ID Card Free

On October 2nd, 2016, the Bangladeshi government started issuing the smart national ID cards to replace the laminated ones that were being used. The ID cards were meant to be the backbone to a host of services, which included up to twenty-two services and many more to follow. The cards are intended to last 15 years and would be tied to the user’s mobile phone Sim card.

The cards have the users’ biometric data and are clearly meant to reduce forgery and hacking through the Digital Bangladesh initiative. Similarly, you can get an application for the ID card digitally via this Bangladesh national ID card free download.

How to get the Bangladeshi National ID card

  • Citizens Voters must first register with the Bangladesh Election Commission.
  • They will collect all the needed information when the data collector comes to your home to verify the information.
  • After the registration form is filled, you will be required to get an appointment for biometric data and photos to be taken, and this happens at a designated registration center.
  • Before the appointment, the data entry operator will contact the local authorities in your area to verify the provided information.
  • After the data has been confirmed, then you can go to have your picture and fingerprints taken. People with disabilities will need a special appointment and should give a bit more time for preparations to accommodate them.
  • The data entry team will then input the data into the server and calibrate the information for validation purposes.
  • A printout of the list draft is then produced and published, allowing you to review and request any changes or fix errors within 15 days.
  • Finally, once all the data is verified as accurate, then the ID is printed.

Required Documents

To get a new ID, there are some documents that you will require before you can be issued with one. These include the forms below.

  • Secondary School Certificate or any equivalent certificate that you may have.
  • An original Birth certificate
  • A Passport or a Driving license or a TIN certificate
  • Any Utility bill copy or House rent receipt or Holding tax receipt. This is used as proof of address.
  • A Citizenship certificate if necessary
  • Your Father or Mother or Husband or wife’s ID card photocopy

Who is Eligible for the Bangladesh National ID CARD?

To be clear, any Bangladeshi citizen who can vote is eligible for the ID Card. Eligibility for voting is covered under the Electoral Roll Act of 2009.

These include the following class of people:

  • One must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • They must be at least eighteen years of age and above.
  • They have to be of sound mind as dictated by a competent court system.
  • They must be residents of a specific electoral area.

The costs of getting a National ID card

When the actual NID card does not cost anything, there are supplemental fees that you have to be aware of, for example, photocopying documents, things like transport to and from the facilities, because you will be going in and out several times.

Services associated with the ID Card.

  • Any of the Citizens’ rights and human benefits
  • The National identity and any services related to that.
  • The Driving license and related services
  • A Passport and related immigration services
  • If you are buying or selling property and land
  • When you need to open Bangladeshi bank accounts
  • If you need to check or transact services in a bank account.
  • When applying for a bank loan.
  • To process the governmental pensions
  • Any government financial support and aid
  • The BIN facility support
  • Any Share-BO account services
  • If you need a business trade license
  • When you are registering a vehicle
  • If you need any insurance schemes
  • During the registration for a marriage
  • If you need an E-passport or E-governance services
  • For utility connections including gas and electricity
  • When registering for mobile phone services
  • For health cards and other related health services
  • If you need E-cash services.
  • Any banking transactions and related services.
  • For students’ admission facilities and their related services.

Differences between real and fake documents

Over the years, our creative minds and innovative tendencies have made it easy for the unscrupulous us people to create fake Bangladeshi IDs. These IDs that they produce are so unique and look so real in such a way that it takes an extra effort of an electric scanner and running details through a database to be able to detect fake IDs from the real ones.

This is actually partly due to the creators of these fake IDs adding secret features embedded in them. And these hidden features include; Hologram, Barcodes, seals, and stamps.

So when you handle an ID, be sure to be vigilant lest your information falls into the wrong hands.


The smart card Bangladeshi ID has done a much better job at service delivery than its predecessor, and it is clearly an upgrade for the citizens’ needs.

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