A Sky Beyond the Storm [PDF + Read Online]

A sky beyond the storm is the final novel in the An Ember in the Ashes series. This is by author Sabaa Tahir. Get ready for the best-selling ending to the author’s beloved book. And a New York Times bestseller in the “Embers series.” Find out who has the fortitude to survive the storm? The book is set for a release in December of 2020.  And even brings to a conclusion the story that spans the following four books. These are the:

  • An Ember in the Ashes
  • A Torch Against the Night
  • A Reaper at the Gates
  • A ​Sky Beyond the Storm
  • A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in the Ashes Graphic Novel

Book Details

Book Name A Sky Beyond the Storm
Author Sabaa Tahir
First Published 2020
Genre Fantasy
Language English
Format PDF
Page 452 in Pdf/528 in Hardcover
Size 2 MB

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A Sky Beyond the Storm By Sabaa Tahir


The long-lost Jinn is back, wreaking havoc in both the countryside and the city. But for Nightbringer, revenge against human enemies is just the beginning. At his side, Commander Keris Veturia declared herself Empress. And similarly sent an invite anyone who was refusing to submit to her government for a beheading.

The Blood Strike and her remaining family, Laia of Serra, are now allies of Blood Shrike. And are trying to recover from the loss of the two most important people. She has a determination to stop the imminent end of the world and throw herself into Nightbringer’s destruction. In the process, she awakens an ancient power that could lead her to victory or unimaginable misfortune. And in the depths of the waiting place, the observer of the soul seeks only to destroy her.

The story so far in the Embers Series

For those fans of the series who have followed it since its release in spring 2015. We are about to conclude a long and satisfying journey. The epic book “Embers” is considered a significant turning point in the fantasy world. Since Laia and Elias (now called “Soul Watchers”). Had an introduction to the readers five years ago, their work has had a significant expansion.

Since the third book, “The Reaper at the Gates,” came out in the summer of 2018. Fans have been waiting for the concluding chapter, and that wait has come to fruition as the book will be coming out in a few weeks. However, to catch up, let’s revisit this epic journey from its start to its conclusion.

An Ember in the Ashes

Under the rule of the military empire, any resistance will face death. Those who do not swear blood and flesh.  To the emperor risks their loved ones’ execution and the destruction of all their precious possessions.

In this cruel world inspired by ancient Rome, Leia lives with her grandparents and siblings. The family did their best to live in the impoverished backstreets of the empire. They do not challenge the empire.

They have seen what happens to people. However, when Leia’s brother was arrested for treason, Leia was forced to make a decision. In exchange for the help of the rebels who promised to save her brother. She would endanger her life to see them from the most extensive military academy in the empire.

There Leia secretly met Elias, the best soldier in the school. This was the most reluctant soldier. Elias only wants to get rid of disciplined tyranny. He and Leia will soon find that their destiny is intertwined. And that their choices will change the empire’s future itself.

In A Torch Against the Night

After the fourth trial, armed soldiers hunted down the two fugitives, who fled Serra’s city. And embarked on a dangerous journey into the empire’s center.

Laia is determined to invade Kauf, the secure and most dangerous prison in the empire. And save her real brother, who is the hidden weapon in the scholars’ survival. Elias wants Laia actually to succeed, even if it means giving up her last chance of freedom.

However, humans and dark forces from another world are fighting Leia and Elias. The two countries must fight at every stage to betray their enemies. The bloodthirsty Emperor Marcus, the ruthless commander, the sadistic guardian of Kauf. And most importantly, the last bloody battle of the empire, Elias’s former friend.

Linked to Marcus’s will, Helene faces an ugly task-something that could destroy her. Finding the traitor Elias Veturia and the wise slave who helped him escape and kill both of them.

In A Reaper at the Gates

Helene Aquila, the Blood Shrike, desperately wanted to save her sister’s life and everyone’s lives in the empire. But he knew that danger was everywhere. Emperor Markus is obsessed with his past, becoming increasingly unstable and violent. And cruel commander Keris Veturia works tirelessly to strengthen her own power. No matter how much genocide occurs.

In the Far East, Laia Serra knows that the world’s fate is not in the plot of court mechanics but in stopping Nightringer. However, in an attempt to defeat him, Leia faced unexpected threats, and from those, she thought were her allies.

In a land between life and death, Elias Veturius gave up his life and freedom in order to become a soul catcher.

However, in doing so, he gets attached to an ancient power that does not accept anything less than complete surrender. Even if that meant abandoning his beloved.

Final Words

The sky after the storm will actually delve into the heart of our main villain, Nightbringer. We researched new alliances, and perhaps the most surprising one is the Laia-Blood Shrike alliance. Young women born in the war understand the cost of winning Nightbringer and their companions, albeit in many ways. Exploring the relationship between Laia and Shrike is one of my favorite stories.

As for “Soul Catcher” (previously called Elias), he really just wanted to perform his tasks in the Reaper alone. But I live a turbulent life, so the poor will not become peaceful and quiet in the sky.

I have read all the previous three books. And now, I have mixed feelings because I am excited to read the final chapter even though it is the conclusion of this epic journey and story. I am sure the series fans are also anticipating this conclusion as well.

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